Triple spiral celtic tattoo - Tattoowise

done My wicked new

celtic spiral tatoo

My wicked new tattoo by FireKat!
New tattoo Cristiano (In the

celtic spiral tattoo

Cristiano (In the Shadows, Porto Alegre) busy with my shoulder. NUNCA TE ESQUECEREMOS!
Drummer Man Jamesie of Albannach

celtic music tattoo

Jamesie of Albannach @ the 2012 Celtic Fling in Manheim, PA
Day 6 white tattoo! Yes it looks

celtic tattoos triskele

Yes it looks yellow and gross but it's finally peeling and I can see the underlying soft tattooed skin :) I can't wait to see it
Avonli-1.jpg Today was one

blue fire spiral tattoo

Today was one of those days that the plan fell apart. So I decided to scrap my plans and just test out a light setup idea. I pulled Avonli to light test for me, and holy crap, it works! Strobist Info: 2xLP160s Key: Lumiquest Ltp camera right @ 1/64 Fill: Softlighter II suspended above @ 1/2 Camera Info in EXIF
Smile... Cory my Sweetie

raven celtic tattoo

Cory my Sweetie before the pain
IMG_5362 JP se diverte

tattoo celta celtic

JP se diverte
The artist at work. Julie @ Arsenic

celtic raven tattoo

Julie @ Arsenic Fashions Boutique & and Tattoo Parlor
Yes it hurts... and I'm pissy Taken by estheru22

celtic tattoo raven

Taken by estheru22