Two doves tattoo - Tattoowise

cat with doves painting on faded

picture of doves for tattoo

painting on faded victorian lithograph 10" x 8" an ongoing series of politely defaced old photographs and prints. mounted 6"x 4" prints available to buy at my shop,
After ceremony bliss OBT member Monika

tattoo doves

OBT member Monika A
tattoophoto4.jpg i had to

doves tatoo

i had to use the photo booth on my computer to take this.
tattoophoto.jpg taken right after

tattoo picture of doves

taken right after the tree was started (the doves are an old tat).
Doves-and-Cherub Tattoo Tattooed by Ray

doves tattoos

Tattooed by Ray at The Tattoo Studio, Crayford
Tattoo chest-girl Traditional design

two doves on your back tattoo

Traditional design
Birds of a Feather J's awesome sparrow/dove

bird tattoos doves

J's awesome sparrow/dove tattoo and what looks to be A giving AJ a little back-rub.
Mother's Day Tattoo Cake My final cake

free tattoo doves

My final cake for the 1st semester. I had the idea of a traditional "mom" tattoo like the sailor's get--and since it was close to mother's day, I thought it would be great. Of course, my mom doesn't like tatt's....
Blue willow china pattern tattoo I'm just two

blue doves tattoo

I'm just two more sessions away from a complete back piece.
chest piece not complete yet

chest tattoo doves

not complete yet obviously; gotta highlight the words with white so they pop out more, and shade (or colour?) the doves and heart