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cutie Drew this in

unique girl tattoos

Drew this in my moleskine today. Pencil Crayons, black ball point pen. =) FULL VIEW! DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION
Lucretia Stone 1 Alternative glamour goddess

unique female tattoo

Alternative glamour goddess from the new book "LUCRETIA STONE" available at www.justplainsexy.com .
Camden 02 June P6025495 These first 90

black white unique tattoos

These first 90 shots document my walk on June 2nd from Mornington Crescent undergound station to Chalk Farm underground station, going directly up Camden High Street and Chalk Farm Road. I didn't deviate into any side streets this time out, but next session I'll be getting off the beaten Touristy track... These new Camden photos are partly for me, but largely for research for a friend's novel.
Nacht Full Face Design-

full back tattoos female unique

Full Face Design- Eyes, Blush, Lips
n1472400181_30073247_9120 ahaha. i love

pictures of unique tattoos for girls

ahaha. i love this picture. i didn't even know it was taken. ...it is so us though.
thomas jacobson tattoo done by

unique side tattoos

tattoo done by Thomas Jacobson at bad dog productions tattoo shop 1011 w. colonial Dr orlando Florida 32804 (407)841-6659
Volcano Henna Original Henna with orange

unique wrist tattoo

Henna with orange and gold glitter. Volcano Henna Designed by Melissa Banford volcanohenna.blogspot.com Lexington, KY February 2011
Indonesian Hand Click here to


Click here to see where this photo was taken. By courtesy of BeeLoop SL (the Mapware & Mobility Solutions Company).