Viking compass tattoo - Tattoowise

Jason tattooing Josh's Sternum. Ouch! Rock of Ages

studio tattoo viking

Rock of Ages 2310 South Lamar #105 Austin, Texas 78704 512-804-1213
 my tattoo is

square and compass tattoos

my tattoo is a year old today. :) day one hundred of 366, 366 blog and i'm shooting this week since my high school friends are on spring break so keep an eye out for new photos within the next few days. :)
Jason is still tattooing Josh... Rock of Ages

viking tattoo studio

Rock of Ages 2310 South Lamar #105 Austin, Texas 78704 512-804-1213
Jason is tattooing Josh Jason Brooks 908

viking ship tattoo

Jason Brooks 908 E. 5th St. Suite #107 Austin, Texas 78702 For more info and appointments: or call 512-573-7790
The Outline Is Finished Heather's compass rose

compass rose fish

Heather's compass rose after the blackwork was done.
The Compass A magical symbol

where to get a compass tattoo

A magical symbol used by the early Icelandic vikings.
tattoo viking blacksmith vikings in Archeon

viking gallery

vikings in Archeon this weekend

viking knotwork tattoo
Getting Into It Fish @ Th'Ink

compass rose tattoo picture

Fish @ Th'Ink Tank doing his magic
My First Tattoo 2 On my upper

mason compass tattoo

On my upper right arm
Compass tattoo by Matt Lentz  Compass and leaved

compass arm tattoo

Compass and leaved tattoo by Matt Lentz @ Under the Needle Tattoo
 Andrew's peregrine falcon.

tattoo of compass

Andrew's peregrine falcon. In progress, can't wait to finish this!