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At The Garden of Unearthly Delights Opening Party. Newspaper article: AN Australian street performer has set a new Guinness World Record by swallowing 18 swords at the same time. Chayne Hultgren, aka The Space Cowboy, swallowed the blades, 72 centimetres long, in Sydney this morning. The 31-year-old from Byron Bay on the New South Wales north coast said he was thrilled to have made history. "It's amazing,'' he said. "I've been preparing for this since I was 16.'' Hultgren beat his own previous record of 17 swords - also a Guinness World Record - which he set in 2008.
Vintage Candy 3. I'm not crazy

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I'm not crazy about my face in this one, but the rest is beautiful. The fact that it's in black and white really makes it perfect....all the right things stand out. Photocred: Jessica Christine.
Photo 160 Day four, the

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Day four, the redness has gone down, it's lookin' lots better.
wow-tattoo-03 Another cool tattoo

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Another cool tattoo I found on the wow forum
06-21-2009 030 My girls cousin

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My girls cousin and my new friend Matt. We came up with this idea together
Last box standing. Got some old

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Got some old film developed here's the outcome.
 I finally got

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I finally got my back done (:
WWA Wakepark World Championship July 1

gallery world tatoo July 1 to 6, more than 300 riders from 35 countries all over the world.
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