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Nice Pose! mmm...yes,Steven took this

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mmm...yes,Steven took this photo (at a friends flat-warming party)...hence 'strange' angle...hmmm...
Theresa at the Vineyard After the second

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After the second winery we were having a lot of fun. The vineyards are stunning views which seem like they are not miles away from a busy city.
Neek! #9 Neek has a

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Neek has a new tattoo ... it says ............. in Code 128 Peter Renshaw on 2006SEP07 goonmail@netspace.net.au , using ( cc attribution non-commercial ), creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/au/
Lucia,  her wine and her tattoo She's a beautiful

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She's a beautiful girl from Umbria, her nose is the best!
Me on Wired! I was written

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I was written about on Wired today! ROCK STAR! blog.wired.com/apple_fans/index.album?i=1
angel wings tattoo make it

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tattoo make it in 2 sessions 11 hour of work