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三社祭 浅草、東京。Sanja Matsuri One of the

full back yakuza tattoos for men

One of the biggest festivals of the year the "three shrine festival" was an amazing expirience. Read more about the festival at my blog. Read more about this day and my life in Japan at www.arihelminen.com (my website) この日と僕の日本での生活をウェブサイトでもっと読んでね☆ www.arihelminen.com
Dragon Head Profile Dragon's head Coarse

yakuza tattoo designer

Dragon's head Coarse Toys Shark Crown from the JAWS set. Approx 5" tall
cold Enoshima Mikoshi Festival

festival yakuza

Enoshima Mikoshi Festival 15 JAN
Dragon & Chrysanthemum Shoes Dragon & Chrysanthemum

yakuza dragon tattoos

Dragon & Chrysanthemum Shoes I made this one for an old friend, an ex high school mate of mine who requested for a Japanese theme shoes but since I had done quite a number of koi shoes, I thought maybe I should paint a dragon this for this pair. I painted the dragon's head on the right side of the shoes with the tail end on the left side wrapping around a chrysanthemum flower. my choice of colors for these pair are earthen tones. Easy for the eyes to see and wearable for someone who is above 30 years of age.
Yakuza (ヤクザ) Showing off their

asakusa yakuza

Showing off their tattoos.
Rajahstan Yakuza you'd better not

tatuagem para yakuza

you'd better not mess with them! :)
Yakuza Girl Eu 06/06/2010

yakuza girl tatoo

Eu 06/06/2010
Starasian Tattoo Art - Mathieu Dragon Inked by Starasian-Tattoo,

yakuza irezumi full back tattoo

Inked by Starasian-Tattoo, Paris France
sanja8 Tattood lady at

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Tattood lady at Sanja Matsuri. The Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa is one of the biggest festivals in Tokyo. Asakusa is one of the oldest parts of Tokyo, and also home to quite a few Japanese mafia (Yakuza) members, who at this festival come out to show their "colours".
Dark Moon by Luis Royo inspired makeup

tattoo geisha yakuza

inspired makeup
Sanja Matsuri The original article

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The original article for this image lives at tokyo.japantimes.co.jp/post/en/545/Sanja+Matsuri.html