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This woman will be with him forever! When I visited

This woman will be with him forever!

When I visited the biggest temple festival in Tokyo, I was impressed by the overwhelming joy people showed in an - up until then - for me unknown way. And I was also very impressed by bare legs and backs and arms, as I was told, it was bad habit to show more than your neck and your hands to other people. So, I took many photos, as you can imagine. When I came to the university next morning, I showed the pictures to a colleague. Looking at this photo, he asked me, it I had approached the man as near as the photo showed it. Why not, I asked him. And he, looking at me with embarrassement, said: "Linda-senzei, he is a Yakuza man, a mafia man! Please, donĀ“t do that ever again, I beg you!"

Photo by: Linda6769

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