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Peter Howarth, going through tennis racquet, London get a hold

yoga tattoo uk

get a hold of him, he will do it again for good money :)
Soccer Guy Soccer Guy

guy pose

Soccer Guy
caronAndy2A <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>


male model pose pic tattoo This is for the Fix My Pic Please group from an wonderful original by kerry1277, titled, caron & andy. ________________________________________ from the latest blog of the Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation: the Joshua Tree, from gwennie2006... Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation | Recent Uploads .
Zoe II Test shots... gorgeous...

yoga tattoo art

Test shots... gorgeous...
FlashCat Shoot with Andrew

vogue pose

Shoot with Andrew Moore - MUA - Me :D and Model is of course myself too We liked the images we did similar to this shoot...but we knew we could do better..and we did :D This is just one of the images :)
Olivia at the Window Natural light plus

pose tatuagem

Natural light plus a touch of Elinchrom modelling light in front of her. Model: Olivia K., MM# 1053083 Make Up Artist and Fashion Stylist: Olivia K. Post-processing: Ivan Matuck Shot on location at Magito Studios, Helsinki, Finland Olivia is a top model and fashion designer out of Finland.
Andrea Brook of Mass Ensemble Andrea is Associate

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Andrea is Associate Director of Mass Ensemble . She dances, flies, and plays large, architectural stringed instruments. She also teaches yoga in Venice Beach, CA.
David I took this

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I took this last winter for a Finnish yoga magazine, Ananda . My first strobist shot for someone else than me :-) You can read more about David here Strobist: shoot-through umbrella from the left, the purple on the background is a gelled flash I used to bring some color to the dull white wall.